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Get involved: Want to help organise an orienteering event or activity?

Most events and fixtures are organised by the clubs, so contact your club’s committee.

Some major events are organised by SWOA. To get involved contact the event coordinator – use the event and fixture listing to find who this is – or failing this contact a SWOA committee member.

Want to host a big competition or got an idea for something new? Your best bet is to persuade your club to apply, as clubs have the resources necessary for running events. Failing that, please feel free to contact the SWOA fixtures secretary or other SWOA committee member.

Regional fixtures bulletins:

(These are provided primarily for the convenience of club fixtures secretaries, but the information is freely available to all)

Bulletin 28 – October 2021

Bulletin 29 – January 2022

Bulletin 30 – April 2022

Bulletin 31 – October 2022

Bulletin 32 – February 2023

Bulletin 33 – September 2023

Bulletin 34 – November 2023

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