South West Orienteering League…

This is an annual competition running through the winter months based on scores from a series of colour-coded events. The scoring system is described at the bottom of this page.

Scores after seven events can be found here

2021/2022 Fixtures:

Date Organising Club Venue Website
10th October 2021 QO Blackborough, Cullompton
24th October 2021 KERNO Lanydrock, Bodmin
14th November 2021 DEVON Holne Moor, Dartmoor
28th November 2021 BOK Cannop Ponds, Forest of Dean
5th December 2021 SARUM Sidbury Hill, Tidworth
16th January 2022 NWO West Woods, Marlborough
23rd January 2022 WIM Ocknell, New Forest
30th January 2022 NGOC Soudley Ponds, Forest of Dean
20th February 2022 WESSEX Agglestone, Studland

In 2020-2021 no league events took place.

The league from 2019-2020 was curtailed after seven of the nine events, and winners were awarded on the best four results.

Final scores after seven events can be found here

Overall scores for 2018/19 can be found here (Amended 19th May)

Overall scores for 2017/18 can be found here

Prize Winners 2019/20:

Brown Course

Winner: Chesters (Ben) DEVON

Top woman: Ellis (Rebecca) WIM

Top junior: Perry (Tom) DEVON

Blue Course

Winner: Nourse (Nick) NWO

Top woman: Simmons (Alison) BOK

Top junior: Horsler (Elizabeth) WIM

Green Course

Winner and top junior: Brooke (Arthur) WSX

Top woman: Taylor (Rose) NGOC

Short Green Course

Winner: Raynsford (Richard) BOK

Top woman: King (Christine) BOK

Light Green Course

Winner and top junior: Bratcher-Howard (Harry) WIM

Top woman: French (Grace) WIM

Orange Course

Winner and top junior: Bratcher-Howard (Monty) WIM

Top woman: Medlock (Eskarina) WSX

Yellow Course

Winner and top junior: Duncan (Max) SARUM

Top woman: Leathwood (Emily) BOK

SWOA League Scoring System – Updated as of 20 March 2014

1. Points are awarded only on the Brown, Blue, Green, Short Green, Light Green, Orange and Yellow courses at SW League events.

2. Only members of SWOA on the day of the event score points. Runs must be
alone and unassisted for the competitor to score. Only a competitor’s first run

3. On each course the fastest SWOA competitor earns 1000 points. Other
competitors are awarded points using this calculation: Points = 1000 x fastest
time/competitor’s time. Points are not transferable between courses.

4. The results of competitors who have not completed three or more events on
the same colour course will not count in the calculation of the final scores for
the series; points will be recalculated omitting those competitors’ times.

5. The best five from nine events shall be used to calculate the score for the
series. If for any reason there are a different number of events the number to
count shall be: six from ten, five from eight, four from seven, four from six.

6. The competitor with the most points on a course will keep the perpetual
trophy for a year. Other awards will be made at the discretion of the Scorer and
SWOA and may vary from year to year. Trophies and awards can only be won by
competitors who have scored points in at least three events in the series.

A picture of the SW League trophies can be found here. Photo courtesy of Trevor Bridle

For previous scores and prize winners, please see the Archive section.

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