Colour Coded Awards…

To qualify you must be within the first 50% of all starters or within 1½ times the winner’s time in the results on the same colour course, 3 times in any 2 years. For WHITE courses you only need to complete the course 3 times. STRING COURSE (PURPLE) is for any young person who does not already hold any other colour award, and who has completed 3 string courses. To obtain a colour coded badge award please email Jolyon Medlock WSX with the 3 dates on which you qualified (anywhere in Britain). Jolyon can be contacted at

Recent Winners of Badges:
Zebedee Harlock-Askew NGOC (Yellow, Orange)
Alexander Harlock-Askew NGOC (Yellow, Orange)
James Askew NGOC (Green)
Ola Price BOK (White)
Amy Lee Jones BOK (Green & Blue)
Matilda Knox-Cartwright BOK (Green)
Juliet Horsfield BOK (Yellow)
Mencia Leira-Montero BOK (White)
Freya Benyon BOK (Orange)
Olivia Andrews BOK (Orange)
Megan Wareing BOK (Green)
Tessa Johnson BOK (Yellow)
Amy Watts BOK (Yellow)
Isla Overy BOK (Orange)
Emily Elms BOK (Blue)
Iris Landrigan BOK (White & Yellow)
Max Landrigan BOK (White)
Marcus Perry BOK (White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green)
Eskarina Medlock WSX (Light Green and Green)
Lyra Medlock WSX (Blue)
Al Hemmings QO (Yellow)
Sebastian Hemmings QO (Yellow)
Tristan McCreadie WIM (White and Yellow)
Russell McCreadie WIM (White and Yellow)
Alice French WIM (Orange)
Grace French WIM (Green)
Oliver Lewis QO (Light Green)
Finley Goddard QO (Orange)
Harry Bratcher Howard WIM (Blue)
Monty Bratcher Howard WIM (Light Green and Green)
White and Yellow Badges: