Newsletter (SINS)…

The SWOA regional newsletter was called SINS, used to be published monthly in paper copy, and was distributed by the editor at orienteering events to club secretaries. (The name is an abbreviation for Southern Independent News Sheet. In the early days of orienteering this title distinguished it from the national magazine.) The views expressed in SINS are not necessarily those of the editor, or the official view of SWOA.

SINS has had several editors over the years; the final editor for the paper copy was Susan Hateley DEVON in 2016. Christine Vince took it online during a term of office as chairman but it lapsed in December 2019 (due to coronavirus). It keeps a useful record of some of SWOA’s exploits and it would be a shame if it lapsed permanently.

If anyone would like to take over as editor (within reason, you have a free hand), please contact the SWOA chairman or secretary.

SINS Editions:

No December SINS – the editor has been laid up since the end of November. A Happy Christmas to you all.

SINS – November 2019

SINS – October 2019

SINS – September 2019

No SINS for August 2019

SINS – July 2019

SINS – June 2019

SINS – May 2019

SINS – April 2019

SINS – March 2019

SINS – February 2019

SINS – January 2019

SINS – December 2018

SINS – November 2018

SINS – October 2018

SINS – September 2018

No SINS for August 2018

SINS – July 2018

SINS – June 2018

SINS – May 2018

SINS – April 2018

SINS – March 2018

SINS – February 2018

SINS – January 2018

SINS – December 2017

SINS – November 2017

SINS – October 2017

SINS – September 2017

SINS – August 2017

SINS – July 2017

SINS 294 – September 2016

For earlier editions, please see the Archive section.